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About Us

At Blu Phenix Herbs we believe in healing the body as a whole using the natural power of plants. We provide 100% pure and natural herbal products. When faced with a health issue, these products help your body naturally find balance. We are a small herbal company based in Atlanta, GA and our products are all natural, healing, safe and affordable.

Blu Phenix has a passion for holistic and natural healing. We are huge lovers of nature and herbs. Blu Phenix was inspired by herbalists from all over the world and the Phoenix bird is used as a symbol of revival. The products offered here at Blu Phenix will help assist the revival of one’s spirituality, consciousness, and health. We don’t believe in treatment-based healing that focuses on symptoms as opposed to causation. In order to truly heal, the entire body must be addressed in the process. Most, if not all, ailments and illnesses can be avoided through proper nutrition and diet, exercise, and self-care. For healing to take place it is also important to ameliorate your environment and surroundings by getting rid of toxic materials, energies, thoughts, and even relationships.

 Some individuals have not been successful in the healing process due to external stressors in their everyday life. Others have have not been able to heal simply due to the BELIEF that healing is not possible. The power of belief in addition to the cleansing of the body can dramatically improve any ailment or condition.Your outer environment in conjunction with your inner environment is what facilitates overall wellness. Let us help you on your health journey!